Introduction to Photography in the Digital Age

Learn how to capture more visually compelling images and make the most of digital photographic technology! Beginning photographers develop a solid foundation in photography, learn to use their camera as a tool to manipulate depth of field and motion and apply basic design and composition rules (or effectively break them). In addition, an introduction to Photoshop teaches students how to improve contrast, crop and resize photos and correct color casts post-production. Instruction includes weekly shooting assignments, demonstrations, discussions and class critiques.

Note: Fully adjustable SLR, DSLR or prosumer digital camera required. Required course for Professional Certificate in Photography. All images must be brought to class in digital format.

Course Number: ART-40439 Credit: 3 units


This course is designed to familiarize the beginning photographer to all introductory phases of digital data with the use of a film or digital camera, and entry level post-production applications using Photoshop CS4. Though technical in nature, this class is an art photography course, and as such, will emphasize the creation and exploration of photographic imagery both technically and conceptually. Experimentation, in any form, is encouraged.


Attendance is mandatory. Lectures, demonstrations, review and classroom critiques will occur throughout each class meeting. Because of this, arriving in a timely fashion is necessary. Lectures and demonstrations will not be repeated.


Grading is based on, but not limited to: participation in class critiques, technical ability, personal progress and/or improvement, and innovation. Personal progress and improvement will be based on each individual and not based on the class as a whole. Attention will be focused on producing a final portfolio. A class critique by both Students and Instructor will take place on the last day of instruction. The final portfolio will consist of seven (7) images no smaller than 8 x 10” of your choosing from the assignments.

40% Attendance and classroom participation
30% Weekly Assignments
25% Final portfolio of images
5% Extra Credit Photograph

Final Grades:
A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%

Recommended The Photoshop CS5 Book by Scott Kelby

Required The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby

Class Handouts

This website is intended to replace optional handouts that I have provided to students in the past. The content found on this site reviews some of the technical information that will be discussed in class. By no means does this site provide comprehensive coverage of the material discussed in class

  • Day 1 - How your digital camera works
  • Day 2 - Landscape Photography
  • Day 3 - Digital Workflow
  • Field Trip - Field Trip
  • Day 4 - Cityscape and Architecture
  • Day 5 - Portrait 1
  • Day 6 - Night Photography
  • Day 7 - Sports
  • Day 8 - Introduction to Bridge, Raw and metadata