Digital Camera Basics

Are you interested in digital photography and don't know where to start? This short workshop is designed for the digital novice curious to learn how to use their camera and take pictures without making costly investments in equipment or software. Instruction includes demonstrations, lectures, critiques and hands on practice. Students will use their own cameras to produce images for photographic assignments. Topics include basic settings, camera resolution, shooting modes, profiles and metering, removing and storing photos. No previous computer skills required to take the class.

Note: Any digital camera is acceptable. This class is geared for those with little or no prior digital camera experience. No previous computer experience is required. Call (858) 534-5760 with questions.

Course Number: GINT-81316 Credit: 0 units

Class Handouts

This website is intended to replace optional handouts that I have provided to students in the past. The content found on this site reviews some of the technical information that will be discussed in class. By no means does this site provide comprehensive coverage of the material discussed in class