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Freya and Justin at Breakers Beach

I had been looking forward to this wedding all summer. Freya and I exchanged about a hundred emails before we even met – and then when we did finally meet up it was for a super cool engagement session that involved a couple of close calls in the water with some of my more expensive gear (but a great looking set of photos).
Their wedding was on Breakers Beach, located on the Naval Air Station, North Island Coronado – and like so many of the venues found on military bases around San Diego, this place is truly spectacular. The entire wedding was open air and the weather could not have been more perfect with moderate temperatures and some beautiful high clouds mixed in to the otherwise sunny day.

Posted October 8th, 2012.

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Oceanview Room – San Diego Wedding

Last weekend I was at the Oceanview Room on the Sub base at Point Loma for an amazing wedding. The weather could not have been any better (high overcast with nice clouds) and the crowd that came together to celebrate this wedding was a ton of fun.  We started the day at the Kona Kai hotel on Shelter Island with some bridal party pictures and a first look and then we headed straight to the Ocean View Room for the ceremony.

Wedding Dress
Flowers and shoes
wedding gown
zipping wedding gown
ring bearer
Groom tie
First Look
San Diego Wedding Kona Kai
Kona Kai Bridal Pary
San Diego Skyline
Ocean View Room Wedding San Diego
Ocean View Room Wedding
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Point Loma Wedding
Ocean View Room Wedding
San Diego Wedding
Make a wish
Bride and Groom
Bridal Pary
Point Loma Bridal Portrait
Oceanview Room Reception
Photo Booth
Grand Entrance
Wedding Toasts
Oceanview Room at night
First Dance
First Dance
San Diego Skyline
Wedding Portraits

Posted September 28th, 2012.

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Ocean Beach Wedding

Chris and Jon were teamed up for another beautiful San Diego Wedding – this time in Ocean Beach. We don’t get to team up together for every wedding – but when we do we always have a blast working together. This wedding took place in the courtyard at the Ocean Beach Hotel which is immediately adjacent to the Ocean Beach Pier. The sky on this particular day was a photographers dream come true – with a mix of light overcast and some awesome cloud formations.

Ocean Beach Hotel Wedding
Ocean Beach Pier Wedding
Flower Girl Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach Hotel Wedding
Ocean Beach Hotel Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony at Ocean Beach
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony Kiss
Ocean Beach Pier Wedding Portraits
Wedding Photos Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach Pier Bridal Photos
San Diego Wedding Photos
Wedding Cake

Posted September 14th, 2012.

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Presidio Park Slideshow

Posted August 22nd, 2012.

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Presidio Park Wedding

This small but wonderful wedding took place in Presidio Park last weekend. The ceremony was absolutely perfect and then we headed down to Balboa Park for some portraits with the bridal party.

From a personal perspective… one of my favorite parts of the day is that the officiant (the bride’s brother) turned out to be the owner of my absolute favorite local coffee shop (http://www.sweetestbuzz.com/). It always makes my day when I find a connection like that !

Presidio Park Groom
Presidio Park Rolls Royce Bride
Presidio Park Flower Girl
Presidio Park Flower Girls

Presidio Park Wedding
Presidio Park Wedding Groom
Best Man
Grooms Ring
Bride's Ring
Presidio Park Wedding First Kiss
Wedding Bubbles
Flower Girls Wedding Bubbles
Family Portrait at Wedding
Bride and Groom Portraits
Bride and Groom Portraits at Balboa Park
Balboa Park Reflecting Pond Wedding Portrait
Balboa Park Bridal Portraits
Balboa Park Rose Garden Wedding Portrait
Rose Garden Wedding Photo

Posted August 15th, 2012.

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Coronado Marriott – A Greek Wedding

The wedding took place at the St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Hillcrest which is a beautiful and bright structure. The traditional Greek ceremony is full of unique “moments” and it was a really wonderful experience to be on-hand to capture. Aside from the Church – the entire rest of the day took place at the Marriott on Coronado Island. The Marriott is an amazing place to have a wedding because the villas literally open straight on to the tent – and the tent literally opens straight onto the water with a fantastic view of downtown.

Wedding Dress
Bridal Shoes
Hair and Makeup
bridal bouquet
Put on dress
Getting dress on
Bridal photo
Groom portrait
hidden meeting
Bride father
Greek Church Wedding
Bride father aisle wedding
Greek Church Wedding
Greek Wedding
Greek Wedding
Greek Wedding
Bridal Portrait
Bridal Portrait Greek Church
Bridal Portrait Park
Wedding Portraits
Wedding Portraits
Wedding Croquet
Wedding Croquet
First Dance
Wedding Portraits on Dock
Wedding Portrait on Marriott Dock
San Diego Skyline Fireworks
Sparklers Portrait
Marriott Event Tent

Out of town weddings can be difficult to plan and coordinate so Troy and Amanda really scored by having Alicia Thorne help plan and coordinate all the little details. And any photographer will tell you – having a professional attend to the details makes us super happy ! And Ashley Elizabeth did a beautiful job of the flower arrangements.

Posted July 11th, 2012.

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Lakewood Wedding

Mathew and Kim invited me up to Lakewood to photograph their fun/cozy backyard wedding in Lakewood California. The day was filled with so many fun surprises … it will be one of those days that I remember for a long time. From the ’57 Chevy Wagon that had been in the family since it was new… to the amazing photos we captured at Heritage Park in the neighboring city of Cerritos. This was a truly fun day of work.
Lakewood Wedding
Wedding Gifts
Getting Ready for Wedding
Dress and Makeup
Dress and tux for wedding
Flower Girl Backyard Wedding
Backyard Wedding Lakewood California
Backyard Wedding Lakewood California
Heritage Park, Cerritos
Wedding Bride photos Cerritos Heritage Park
Bride groom photos Heritage Park Cerritos
Wedding Reception Greek Restaurant

Posted June 11th, 2012.

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Fusion Wedding Video

I had Clarence Legaspi along to cover some video angles for this wedding.  While we are still editing the video product… I stole some of his clips to insert into a nice little slideshow I put together :)

Posted April 28th, 2012.

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A Beautiful Italian American Wedding


Sara and Peter invited me to capture their wedding day last Saturday. They are a gorgeous couple with a great sense of style so I knew we would come away from the day with a lot of fantastic photos.

Wedding Invitation

Groom getting ready

Wedding Gown

Getting the Dress On

Looking out the Window

Bride in a Rolles Royce

Catholic Church Little Italy San Diego

Church Ceremony

Catholic Wedding

Bridal Portraits Presidio Park San Diego

Presidio Park San Diego Portraits

Presidio Park Portraits

Wedding Reception

Wedding reception

Wedding cake

Posted April 18th, 2012.

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Wedding at Moonlight Beach

Moonlight beach has always been a favorite location of mine in San Diego – but somehow I was completely unaware of the nice little park at the top of the cliff where I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding last weekend. The day started out COLD and rainy but about 30 minutes before the ceremony the temperature warmed up by at least 5 degrees when the sun came out – providing a spectacular backdrop for a fantastic ceremony.

First Look

Moonlight Beach Wedding

Moonlight Beach Poem

Moonlight Beach Wedding Portraits

First Dance

Bridal Portraits

Posted April 4th, 2012.

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