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Photo Wall Fun

Each year Grand Pacific Resorts invites me to photograph their holiday party. In the past we have done a red-carpet entrance – but this year they went all out with an amazing photo wall. The best thing about this party is that it is always themed – and the majority of attendees come dressed to the “theme”. This year the theme was the Roaring 20′s and the attendees did not disappoint in any way.

To match the party theme – the photo wall included appropriate props that might have comes straight off the set of Mad Men. There was a cigarette vendors tray, a vintage wall phone, old photo frames and old furniture. With groups of all different sizes (from 1 up to about 35 people) I had an incredibly fun and creative time posing people with these props and with each other.

Posted January 21st, 2013.

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Occupational Hazard: Being a Photographer with Two Adorable Boys

Children of photographers… beware :)

Normally when I’m out with the boys – the cameras stay at home.  Managing 2 little boys is enough of a challenge without throwing thousands of dollars of camera into the mix.  But a few days ago when we took everyone on their first camping trip, it seemed like a good opportunity to bring a camera along.  Of course I only came equipped with one camera and one lens, but they seemed like a good choice (Canon 5DmkIII plus 35mm F1.4L). We ventured up to Mount Laguna to the Burnt Rancheria campground for this very quick overnight trip.
Camping at Mount Laguna
Mount Laguna Children
Cooking and Camping
Camping Baby
Feeding Charlie
Camping with my boys
Bed time in tent
Mount Laguna Astrophotography
Family Photo Mount Laguna
Dave Portrait
Sun Flare Portrait

Posted September 19th, 2012.

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Ocean Beach Wedding

Chris and Jon were teamed up for another beautiful San Diego Wedding – this time in Ocean Beach. We don’t get to team up together for every wedding – but when we do we always have a blast working together. This wedding took place in the courtyard at the Ocean Beach Hotel which is immediately adjacent to the Ocean Beach Pier. The sky on this particular day was a photographers dream come true – with a mix of light overcast and some awesome cloud formations.

Ocean Beach Hotel Wedding
Ocean Beach Pier Wedding
Flower Girl Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach Hotel Wedding
Ocean Beach Hotel Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony at Ocean Beach
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony Kiss
Ocean Beach Pier Wedding Portraits
Wedding Photos Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach Pier Bridal Photos
San Diego Wedding Photos
Wedding Cake

Posted September 14th, 2012.

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UCSD Photography Classes

Another section of Photography classes has ended at UCSD. I am currently putting together my “stuff” so I can assign grades – and I was just reflecting on what a great group we had this semester. As always – there was a wide variety of knowledge and skill coming into the first class. One student had JUST picked up his first DSLR camera and was eager to learn how to use it. Another student was recently retired and had been using SLR cameras for several decades. Yet another student was super keen to learn as much as possible as fast as possible and had already attended other classes and workshops. But by the end of the semester I think it is safe to say that everyone came away with a bunch of new friends and at least a few new tips and tricks to incorporate into their skill set as photographers. I can only hope that every class I teach has the amazing dynamic of this one.

During our class field trip I do a lot of “modeling” so we can learn about portrait sessions. I can thank Ed Brown for the newest collection to my personal portraits…
Chris Wood Photography

Posted September 12th, 2012.

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Family Photos at Presidio Park

I have photographed 2 weddings in the lower portions of Presidio Park but I had never had a chance to explore the upper portions of the park with any of my past clients.  Brad and Heather were open to anything I suggested so I figured we’d give it a shot… and it turned out to be just as great as I imagined.  Although I have not finished editing the pictures for their photo session, I wanted to share these first few photos right away.

father daughter at the park

Mother Son at the Park

Family Photos at Presidio Park San Diego

Little girl in the trees

Little girl in the trees

Family Photos in the forest

Family Portrait in the forest

Kids playing in trees

Family Photos in Presidio Park
Family Photos in Presidio Park

Family Photos in Presidio Park

Posted September 11th, 2012.

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Presidio Park Wedding

This small but wonderful wedding took place in Presidio Park last weekend. The ceremony was absolutely perfect and then we headed down to Balboa Park for some portraits with the bridal party.

From a personal perspective… one of my favorite parts of the day is that the officiant (the bride’s brother) turned out to be the owner of my absolute favorite local coffee shop (http://www.sweetestbuzz.com/). It always makes my day when I find a connection like that !

Presidio Park Groom
Presidio Park Rolls Royce Bride
Presidio Park Flower Girl
Presidio Park Flower Girls

Presidio Park Wedding
Presidio Park Wedding Groom
Best Man
Grooms Ring
Bride's Ring
Presidio Park Wedding First Kiss
Wedding Bubbles
Flower Girls Wedding Bubbles
Family Portrait at Wedding
Bride and Groom Portraits
Bride and Groom Portraits at Balboa Park
Balboa Park Reflecting Pond Wedding Portrait
Balboa Park Bridal Portraits
Balboa Park Rose Garden Wedding Portrait
Rose Garden Wedding Photo

Posted August 15th, 2012.

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Bernardo Winery and Torrey Pines Engagement Photos

This amazing photo shoot started at Bernardo Winery and ended at Torrey Pines Beach
Bernardo Winery Portrait
Rancho Bernardo Winery
Engagement Photo Rancho Bernardo
Barn photos engagement
Rancho Bernardo Winery
Engagement Photos
kiss in flowers
engagement ring hands
Save the Date Vineyard
vineyard portrait
vineyard kiss portrait
vineyard portrait
Portrait Antique Farm Equipment

Torrey Pines Engagement Photos
Torrey Pines Engagement Beach

Run in water engagement
Engagement jump in water

Posted July 31st, 2012.

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California State Games — BMX —

It was a pleasure to photograph the California State Games BMX competition held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. This was (of course) not held on the Olympic track, but the smaller more “normal” sized BMX track. Participants ranged in age from about 10 years old up to old guys – with a few top international pros in the mix too. The only major crash of the day happened during warm-up when a broken fork caused an ugly looking spill – but fortunately the rider walked away with a smile on his face.

California State Games BMX
Chula Vista BMX Racing
BMX Racing Califorina
BMX Berm
California State Games BMX 2012
Childrens BMX Race
BMX Jump

Posted July 23rd, 2012.

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Coronado Marriott – A Greek Wedding

The wedding took place at the St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Hillcrest which is a beautiful and bright structure. The traditional Greek ceremony is full of unique “moments” and it was a really wonderful experience to be on-hand to capture. Aside from the Church – the entire rest of the day took place at the Marriott on Coronado Island. The Marriott is an amazing place to have a wedding because the villas literally open straight on to the tent – and the tent literally opens straight onto the water with a fantastic view of downtown.

Wedding Dress
Bridal Shoes
Hair and Makeup
bridal bouquet
Put on dress
Getting dress on
Bridal photo
Groom portrait
hidden meeting
Bride father
Greek Church Wedding
Bride father aisle wedding
Greek Church Wedding
Greek Wedding
Greek Wedding
Greek Wedding
Bridal Portrait
Bridal Portrait Greek Church
Bridal Portrait Park
Wedding Portraits
Wedding Portraits
Wedding Croquet
Wedding Croquet
First Dance
Wedding Portraits on Dock
Wedding Portrait on Marriott Dock
San Diego Skyline Fireworks
Sparklers Portrait
Marriott Event Tent

Out of town weddings can be difficult to plan and coordinate so Troy and Amanda really scored by having Alicia Thorne help plan and coordinate all the little details. And any photographer will tell you – having a professional attend to the details makes us super happy ! And Ashley Elizabeth did a beautiful job of the flower arrangements.

Posted July 11th, 2012.

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Beauty Headshots Part 1

Sharon Leon asked me to help put together a new Look Book for her business as a makeup artist. In fact, She had another makeup artist friend who also wanted some new images so we gather 7 models, 2 makeup artists and 2 photographers into DK3 Studios for 6 hours for a bit of fun. Without an “art director” on the scene (and with me working in an unfamiliar studio) it was a very interesting creative process.
Beauty Headshots
Beauty Studio photos
Fairy makeup
Beauty fairy photo

Posted July 2nd, 2012.

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