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Occupational Hazard: Being a Photographer with Two Adorable Boys

Children of photographers… beware :)

Normally when I’m out with the boys – the cameras stay at home.  Managing 2 little boys is enough of a challenge without throwing thousands of dollars of camera into the mix.  But a few days ago when we took everyone on their first camping trip, it seemed like a good opportunity to bring a camera along.  Of course I only came equipped with one camera and one lens, but they seemed like a good choice (Canon 5DmkIII plus 35mm F1.4L). We ventured up to Mount Laguna to the Burnt Rancheria campground for this very quick overnight trip.
Camping at Mount Laguna
Mount Laguna Children
Cooking and Camping
Camping Baby
Feeding Charlie
Camping with my boys
Bed time in tent
Mount Laguna Astrophotography
Family Photo Mount Laguna
Dave Portrait
Sun Flare Portrait

Posted in People and Photography and Travel Photography by Chris on September 19th, 2012 at 11:04 am.

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